Environmental Policies of Asian NDK Crystal Sdn. Bhd. [ANC]


NDK Group EHS Philosophy

We, of the NDK Group, acknowledge that "to fulfill our obligation to society, we are required to take active measure to ensure the protection of environment, health & safety at the workplace" as stated in our Corporate Philosophy. NDK Group gives the highest priority to ensure environmental, health and safety protection at the workplace through constant and proactive measures in managing the associated EHS risks.

ANC & NQM as an organization with worldwide influence in manufacturing Quartz Crystal Units recognizes and realizes the importance of environmental, health and safety protection throughout our business activities.
In ensuring the environmental friendly, healthy and safe environment, ANC & NQM strive to implement the following policy:

  1. We will carefully analyze and assess the environmental impact of all plant processes, and manufacturing activities of all products; crystal units and monolithic crystal filters, and continually improves measures to prevent environmental pollution and to promote pro-environmental activities.
  2. We will perform continual hazard identification and risk assessment activity and take action to eliminate "Unsafe Act" and "Unsafe Condition" in order to prevent human injury and ill health.
  3. We are committed to ensure compliance towards all the applicable EHS legal and other requirements.
  4. We will continually improve Environmental, Health and Safety Management System by setting and achieving EHS objectives and targets.
  5. We will establish our own standards as listed below in the areas of our operations with significant EHS impact. These standards will be established taking into consideration current technology and socioeconomic limitation. We will also periodically review our EHS objectives and targets and improve the management of such activities.
    1. Promoting the three R's: Reduction, Reuse and Recycling of waste. Its aim is to achieve zero emissions.
    2. Proper control substances of environmental impact and reduction of wastage.
    3. Reduction of CO2 and other green-house gasses emission.
    4. Promoting energy-saving, resource-saving, and more efficiency in work.
    5. Developing products and manufacturing process that place a minimal burden on the environment.
    6. Promoting green purchasing, green procurement.
    7. Ensuring effective chemical management activities.
    8. Ensuring effective machine safe guarding.
    9. Promoting the importance of ergonomic control at the workplace.
  6. We will implement continual training program for employees to enhance their environmental, health and safety awareness, knowledge and skill.

    In order to ensure effective implementation of this policy, the policy is made available to all employees, visitors, contractors, public and any other interested parties.

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