Signal Generator

We provide signal generators based on our own high-precision, low-jitter, low-noise synthesizers.
By applying our own high-precision reference signal oscillator and our proprietary digital signal processing technology, we have achieved wideband and fine frequency setting, low spurious and low noise.
Signal generators are used for research and production line applications, and are also used in our production lines that require high-precision signal sources.

Product Lineup

3GHz low phase noise CW Signal generator SG010M3R0GB

Product pictures Application Model name Output frequency Low phase noise Small-size and lightweight Low power consumption Data sheet CAD data external drawing data

・Research and development equipment
・Inspection equipment for communication device production lines

SG010M3R0GB 10MHz~3GHz (1Hz step) Typ. -95dBc/Hz@10kHz (at 3GHz output) 224 × 320.5 × 99mm, about 3.5kg Below 40VA

Common Information