Optical Component
High Power Laser

High Power Laser

Optical Component Used

  • Zero Order Wave Plate
  • Multiple Zero Order Wave Plate
  • True Zero Order Wave Plate
  • Quartz Window
Optical Component Used

Use Cases

  • Laser Processing Machine
  • Laser Annealing Equipment, etc.

Role of Optical Components

Wave plates for lasers are used to change the direction of laser polarization and improve processing homogeneity, while quartz crystal windows are used to protect against laser damage and prevent contamination. We provide long life and highly reliable wave plates and quartz windows with excellent laser resistance utilizing our superior substrate processing, coating, and bonding technologies.

Product Features

① We can provide wave plates and quartz windows that transmit over a wide wavelength range from 150 nm to the infrared wavelength band.

Product Features

② We also offer coatings that are highly resistant to lasers, with design and manufacturing methods that take laser damage into account.

③ To prevent deterioration of the adhesive by lasers, optical contact type wave plates without adhesive are also available for adhesive type wave plates.
The number of coatings can be reduced, and laser resistance can be improved compared to the conventional air gap type.