Business Strategy

Medium-Term Management Plan

Nihon Dempa Kogyo (NDK) formulated a medium-term management plan for the fiscal year 2022 ending March 2023 through the fiscal year 2024 ending March 2025 and is working on aiming at it.

Long-Term Management Strategy - Vision2030 -

We released our Long-Term Management Strategy - Vision2030 - aiming at clarifying the direction in which we should proceed, together with the Medium-Term Management Plan with the year ending March 2023 as its first fiscal year. We would like to inform you that we have formulated the NDK Group's vision of contributing to the growth of the digital society looking ahead into the year 2030 as "Creating the Future of Digital Society through Frequencies". We will materialize it through well-balanced pursuit of the "3 values" of Societal Value, Economic Value and Human Resource Value.