NDK Group CSR Guideline

NDK Group CSR Guideline

Under our corporate philosophy of contributing to social prosperity and world peace through our services to customers based on our founding principles, it is our responsibility at NDK Group to pursue the contribution to best interests of our customers. At the same time, we must uphold high ethical standards and fulfill our social responsibility of helping to create a sustainable society. The creation of a sustainable society is essential to the continued growth and development of NDK Group.

The NDK Group CSR Guideline has been established as a guide to proper business conduct necessary to create a sustainable society and it applies to both management and employees of NDK Group.
It has been formulated on the basis of NDK's corporate philosophy, ethical standards, and Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) code of conduct.

Both management and employees of NDK Group are expected to observe the following Basic Code of Behavior as a part of promoting this CSR Guideline.

Basic Stance of NDK Group CSR Guideline

Basic Code of Behavior
  1. We will pursue the contribution to best interests of our customers according to our corporate philosophy that is based on our founding principles. At the same time, we will uphold high ethical standards and fulfill our social responsibility of helping to create a sustainable society.
  2. We will comply with relevant laws and regulations and the like in all our business activities.
  3. We are aware of our mission and responsibility as one of the world's leading manufacturers. We will, therefore, make best effort to develop and offer useful, safe and reliable products and services that benefit society, to earn trust and confidence of consumers and customers, and to increase their satisfaction.
  4. We are dedicated to free competition and fair trade, and will strive to maintain sound and normal relationships with political organizations and administrative authorities.
  5. We will uphold and respect human rights, diversity, individuality, and personal characteristics, and provide a safe and pleasant workplace.
  6. We are committed to and responsible for proactively and continuously undertaking initiatives to protect the global environment.
  7. We will disclose or provide corporate information to stakeholders in a timely and appropriate manner.
  8. We will take appropriate security measures to ensure that any information we may obtain in the course of business, including personal or customer information, is properly protected and managed.
  9. We will make effort not to have any involvement with social forces or organizations.
  10. We will respect the cultures and customs of the countries in which we operate, and strive to contribute to the development of such countries and our local communities.

As for the details, see this NDK Group CSR Guideline.