Optical Component
Quartz Crystal Wave Plate


  • Various Measuring Instruments
  • LN Modulator
  • Smart Glass


  • High quality quartz crystal wave plate with synthetic quartz crystals grown in-house used as the birefringent material.
  • We can accommodate phase accuracy up to ± 1° with high-precision thickness processing accuracy.
  • According to your requirements, we can design and supply any design wavelengths and/or retardations.
  • We can offer multi, compound, and true zero order types.
  • Large sizes and thin types are available.
  • We can accommodate external dimensions up to 4 inches and thicknesses from 50 µm at minimum for true zero order.
    We can also perform chipping from wafers upon request.


A λ/4 wave plate can convert linear polarization into circular polarization, while a λ/2 wave plate can convert into linear polarization with the plane of polarization rotated by 90°.

λ/4 Wave Plate

λ/4 Wave Plate
λ/4 Wave Plate

λ/2 Wave Plate

λ/2 Wave Plate
λ/2 Wave Plate

Standard Specifications

Waveplate Type Multiple Zero Order Zero Order True Zero Order
Material/Composition Quartz/Single Plate Quartz/2 layers Quartz/Single Plate
Retardance 1/4λ and 1/2λ 1/4λ and 1/2λ λ/2 λ/4
Retardance Accuracy ±λ/200(※1) ±λ/200(※1) ±λ/200(※1)
Design Wavelength[nm] 266~1550 266~1550 1030~1550
Sizes[mm] Dia.152.4 Max. Dia.76.2 Max. Dia.76.2 Max.
Surface Quality 20-10 20-10 20-10
Coating Type
R[%] Per Surface
V Coat
V Coat
V Coat
Mount Frame Available Yes Yes Yes
Remarks Available Bonding method:
Optical Contact
Thickness limitation
80μm Min.@Dia.76.2 mm
50μm Min.@Dia.25.4 mm

*1 Consultation regarding phase tolerance may be required depending on the external size.

True Zero Order Wave Plate

λ/2 Wave Plate
Relationship between Retardance and Incidnece Angle

λ/2 Wave Plate Relationship between Retardance and Incidnece Angle

λ/4 Wave Plate
Relationship between Retardance and Wavelength

λ/4 Wave Plate Relationship between Retardance and Wavelength

Product Lineup Example

  • Circular plate and square plate are also available.
  • Polish and rap surfaces are also available.
  • Correspondence with a coat is also possible. Please provide the specificaitons.
Material Quartz Single Crystal
External Dimensons
External Dimensional Tolerance
Max.DIA.76mm(Available for chip size)
Thickness Min. 80μm
Retardance Accuracy
λ/2 or λ/4
Transmitted Wavefront Accuracy ~λ/4(@633nm)
Parallelism <5arcsec
Surface Quality 20-10
Antireflection Coating R≦0.2% per one side
Mount Frame Available Yes


  1. 1)The above shows the maximum size for available.
  2. 2)Quartz crystal has 573℃ transition temperature. Therefore, you shold use it at a temperature less than that.

Contact Us

*Please inquire for special specifications.

Warranty Items

Test items include temperature, humidity, impact resistance, heat resistance, etc. for the environmental and mechanical properties of optical components.
We set test items and conditions for each component and guarantee the properties of the component. However, warranty items and conditions vary depending on the shape, properties, application, and environment of the optical component.

Subjected to High Temperature 85℃ 1000H
Subjected to Low Temperature -40℃ 1000H
Subjected to High Temperature and High Humidity 60℃90%RH~95%RH 1000H
Heat Shock -40℃ 2H 、85℃ 2H、100℃/H 10 Cycles
Subjected to Thermal Shock -40℃/85℃ 30 Minutes Each 30 Cycles
Coating Adhesion Strength Cellophane tape (LP-18) is applied to the component, rubbed with the fingers three times, and then quickly pulled off in a vertical direction ten times
Abrasion Resistance The vapor-deposited surface is pressed with lens-cleaning paper (DUSPER K-3) with a pressing pressure of 4.9 N/cm2 (500 gf/cm2)
1 round-trip/second continuous, round-trip distance 10 mm, 100 round-trips
Solvent Resistance Test Using lens-cleaning paper (DUSPEP K-3) in solvents such as IPA, acetone, ethanol, etc. with 2.94 N (300 gf)
1 round-trip/second continuous, round-trip distance 10 mm, 100 round-trips