What is outgas?

Gas components emitted from organic materials and packaging materials that make up products, such as plastics and adhesives, are called "outgasses (volatile gases)".
These outgasses cause contamination problems in outer space, cause product failures, and pose concerns about the impact on humans.
Therefore, it is important to accurately measure outgassing, select materials with less outgassing, and recognize the long-term trend of outgassing.

Space field

Contaminant problem in outer space

When the outside is dirty by outgasses emitted from spacecraft such as earth observation satellites and astronomical observation satellites...
Shorten the life of space-observing equipment
Optical equipment
(telescope lenses, mirrors, etc.)
Data accuracy and image quality deteriorate.
Thermal control surface The reflectivity decreases.
The temperature inside the spacecraft rises.
Solar cell The amount of incident light is reduced.
The amount of power generation decreases.
Satellite outgas pollution
Satellite outgas pollution
Satellite outgas pollution
Contamination example of optical observation image quolity deterioration
(Photographs of cassini, a saturn probe*)
*V. R. Haemmerle and J. H. Gerhard, "Cassini Camera Contamination Anomaly: Experiences and Lessons Learned," AIAA paper, AIAA-2006-5834 (2006).

Industrial fields

Poor contact and continuity problems in electronic devices and parts

When outgas emits from the materials (adhesives, heat-dissipating materials, resins, etc.) of electronic devices and electronic components used at high temperatures...
Defects occur and cause product defects
Example) Low-molecule cyclic siloxane
Conducting part Gasified siloxane stays in the product and attaches to the surrounding area.
It becomes oxidized and decomposed silica (SiO2), and cause a conduction failure without a conducting electricity.
Optical lenses A haze or a clpudy occurs by attaching to the transparent portion.
Poor contact and continuity problems in electronic devices and parts
Influence of electronic components due to outgas adsorption
Electronic components Influence of
Lens Optical performance deterioration
Relays and switches Poor contact
Motor Start-up failure
Crystal devices Oscillation frequency drop
Semiconductors Characteristic change