For Medical Device Manufacturers

Ultrasound Probe (Transducer)

NDK has a wide range of probe portfolio for many applications.
We will deliver secure, safe and high-quality product for medical devices.

Quality Management System for Medical Device "ISO 13485:2016"

History of Ultrasound Probe (Transducer)
Development and Manufacturing From the 1970s to today,
we have developed and manufactured more than 1,500 types of probes.


Main Developments

  • Hockey Stick Linear Array Probe
  • Single Crystal Cirved Linear Array


Main Developments

  • High Frequency 12MHz Linear array
  • 3D Mechanical Probe


Main Developments

  • Linear Array for Laparoscopic Surgery
  • 10MHz Linear Array
  • Matrix Array (6400ch) Prototype
  • 25MHz Linear Array for Flaw Inspection


Main Developments

  • Radial Type Curved Linear Array
  • Biopsy Probe
  • Bi-plane Probe
  • Annular Array Probe
  • Phasd Array for Transesophageal
  • Curved Linear Array for Transvaginal


Main Developments

  • Ultrasound Thickness Inspection Device
  • Watch Timing Machine
  • Linear Array Module for Medical Use
  • Phased Array Module for Medical Use
  • Curved Linear Array Module for Medical Use


Main Developments

  • Ultrasound Flaw Detector
  • Ultrasound Fetal Phonocardiograph


Main Developments

  • Non-destructive Flaw Detector Using Quartz Crystal