Optical Component
Optical Filter
  • Can be used as components for various filters and as windows to protect electronic sensors and detectors from the surrounding environment.


  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera for Broadcast / Cinema
  • Laser Processing Equipment
  • Other Sensor Devices

Various Wafers / Windows with Coatings


  • We provide high quality quartz crystal wafers cut with high precision at arbitrary angles.
  • We can also provide substrates using "N-Grade EX," an ultra high purity quartz crystal grown with technology developed over many years at NDK.
    Those substrates exhibit excellent resistance to laser and in radiation environments.
  • In addition to quartz crystal substrates, we can provide various optical crystals, optical glass, and absorbing glass.
  • AR coatings can be customized according to the wavelength band of use and your desired reflectance characteristics.

Lineup of Optical Wafers That We Can Provide

Materials Low α Ray Radiation Refractive Index
Abbe Number
Specific Gravity
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
Transition Point
Knoop Hardness Max. Size
Cryatal Quartz ※1 ND 2.65 - 573 ND ※1
Cryatal Quartz(X-Cut) 1.549 ND 9.6 100×100
Cryatal Quartz(Z-Cut) 1.544 ND 16.89 6inch
Lithium Niobate 2.275 ND 4.64 - 1140 ND 3inch
Sapphire 1.768 72.2 3.97 5.3 2000 2200 75x75
Synthetic Quartz 1.459 67.8 2.20 - ND ND 75x75
N-BK7 1.517 64.2 2.46 7.1 557 610 75x75
B270 1.523 58.5 2.55 8.2 533 542 75x75
D263T eco 1.523 55 2.51 7.2 557 590 75x75
D263LA eco 1.523 ND 2.51 - 557 ND 75x75

*1 Depends on the cutting angle

Optical wafer transmittance (without coating) comparison

Optical wafer transmittance (without coating) comparison

Optical wafer surface reflectance comparison

Optical wafer surface reflectance comparison

Various AR Coatings

We can propose and provide AR coatings according to the wavelength of use and your desired optical properties.

Various AR Coatings

Various AR Coatings

Specifications Example

Crystal Window

External Dimensions Max. 76.2mm×76.2mm
External Dimensions Tolerance ±0.5mm
Substrate Materials Quartz Single Crystal  Z Plate
Thickness Dimenson 1mm±0.1mm
Coating a-Face/b-Face With AR Coating Both Side
Transmittance T≧ 98.0% @400~700nm
Surface Reflectance R≦ 1.0% @400~700nm
Specifications Example
Specifications Example

Contuct Us

*Please inquire for special specifications.

Warranty Items

Test items include temperature, humidity, impact resistance, heat resistance, etc. for the environmental and mechanical properties of optical components.
We set test items and conditions for each component and guarantee the properties of the component. However, warranty items and conditions vary depending on the shape, properties, application, and environment of the optical component.

Subjected to High Temperature 85℃ 1000H
Subjected to Low Temperature -40℃ 1000H
Subjected to High Temperature and High Humidity 60℃90%RH~95%RH 1000H
Heat Shock -40℃ 2H 、85℃ 2H、100℃/H 10 Cycles
Subjected to Thermal Shock -40℃/85℃ 30 Minutes Each 100 Cycles
Coating Adhesion Strength Cellophane tape (LP-18) is applied to the component, rubbed with the fingers three times, and then quickly pulled off in a vertical direction ten times
Abrasion Resistance The vapor-deposited surface is pressed with lens-cleaning paper (DUSPER K-3) with a pressing pressure of 4.9 N/cm2 (500 gf/cm2)
1 round-trip/second continuous, round-trip distance 10 mm, 100 round-trips
Solvent Resistance Test Using lens-cleaning paper (DUSPEP K-3) in solvents such as IPA, acetone, ethanol, etc. with 2.94 N (300 gf)
1 round-trip/second continuous, round-trip distance 10 mm, 100 round-trips