NAPiCOS System(PSA10A)


  • High sensitivity& high technology based QCM sensors made from high quality grade synthetic quarts crystal (30MHz QCM twin sensor: Sensitivity : approx.10ng/mL)
  • Flow injection measurement system introduced &real time monitoring form antibody immobilization to antigen-antibody reaction
  • Differential measurement with reference on a sensor
  • NAPiCOS system for only air phase measurement version can be provided now.

NAPiCOS System(PSA10A)

Actual measurement with NAPiCOS systems will be displayed.

Standard Specifications

NAPiCOS System

Product Name Model Specifications
Analyzer PSA10A Supply voltage AC 100~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Current consumption 70VA or less
USB interface USB2.0 compliant
Frequency measurement resolution 0.01Hz
Constant temperature chamber
(Flow cell & cable included) (*1)
(For 30MHz QCM twin sensor)
Preset temperature range +10 to +40°C
(Preset step:0.1°C)
Temperature stability ±0.02°C or less
(Minimum value displayed : 0.1°C)
Flow cell capacity 50 μL
Syringe pump PSA-CW-0013 -
Injector PSA-CW-0014 Injection amount 100 μL (Suggested)
(Pre-installed in an accouterment PC)
  • ・ Real time monitoring software (NAPiCOS Real Time Monitor)
  • ・ Analysis software (NAPiCOS Analysis)

*Kinetics analysis, affinity analysis , Standard curve analysis etc.

QCM Twin Sensor

Product Name Model Specifications
QCM twin sensor PSA-SB-3002W Nominal frequency 30MHz(*1)
Electrode Au+Cr

(*1) 9MHz single sensors are also available as custom made. For more details, please contact us .