Comparison between NAPiCOS & SPR(Surface Plasmon Resonance)

Comparison between NAPiCOS & SPR

CRP antigen- antibody reaction was observed, when both NAPiCOS and SPR were used at the same time. The standard curves show NAPiCOS's high linearity and wide dynamic range. Additionally, it shows that NAPiCOS's reaction amount is insusceptible viscous solution.



  • Sensor:30MHz twin sensor
  • Flow rate:2μL/min
  • Sample amount:20μL
  • Running buffer:PBS


  • Sensor:SPR manufacturer's recommended basic one
  • Flow rate:2μL/min
  • Sample amount:20μL
  • Running buffer:SPR manufacturer's recommended one

*Uses manufacturer-recommended basic sensor and liquid transfer buffer

On both sensors, anti-CRP was placed on the surface, and blocking was made on the other side.

2.Concetration dependency

Amount of CRP bound to the surface was calculated, and then the standard line was made, as per the reaction amount when CRP concentration was changed. The result showed NAPiCOS's high linearity and wide dynamic range.

Fig.1:Comparison of each standard curve

3.Influence of high viscous solution

Comparison between antigen-antibody reaction amount on NAPiCOS and one on SPR was applied. The result shows that influence amount of NAPiCOS was smaller.

Fig.2:CRP reaction amount change in high viscous solution


SPR Shortened word of Surface Plasmon Resonance. A phenomenon that a part of Catoptric light of laser light emitted to gold thin film is decayed. This phenomenon is influenced with molecular binding of gold surface, and so is applied for molecular interaction measurement .