Enable users to make automatic measurement of molecular interaction (immune reaction etc.) with simple sample injection!

Micro amount sample measurement possible with microfluidic chip newly developed (Flow cell capacity 5 μL)!

Differential measurement by negative control on a sensor possible with world first QCM twin sensor!

  • Real time molecular interaction analysis with high sensitivity and high stability.
    Approx. 15 minutes from antibody immobilization to antigen measurement
  • High sensitivity 30MHz QCM twin sensor with two electrodes made from high quality grade synthetic quartz crystal (world first)
    (Sensitivity : A approx.10ng/mL in antigen - antibody reaction of IgG)
  • Flow injection measurement system adopted &real time monitoring from antibody immobilization to antigen-antibody reaction.
    Flow injection analysis method principle JIS K0126 compliant
  • High precision analyzer
    Immediate frequency measurement by high speed signal processing
    High stability oscillation in liquid phase by low noise oscillation unit
    Reduction of influence caused by temperature change etc. using differential measurement with twin oscillation circuit
  • Automatic programming
    Automatic measurement with simple setting of immune measurement protocol
  • Analysis application software
    Corresponding to Kinetics analysis, affinity analysis and calibration line analysis etc.
  • Microfluidic chip
    Corresponding to high sensitivity measurement with micro amount sample using microfluidic Chip (Flow cell capacity : approx. 5 μL)

Standard Specifications

Product Name Model Specifications
Analyzer PSA20A

Voltage:AC100 to 240V 50Hz/60Hz

Frequency measurement resolution:0.01Hz

Power consumption:100VA or less

USB interface:USB2.0 compliant

Flow cell capacity:50μL(When microfluidic chip used:5 μL)


(Pre-installed in an accouterment PC)

・Automatic operation software (NAPiCOS 20A Auto Operation)

・Analysis software (NAPiCOS Analysis) Kinetics analysis, affinity analysis,

Standard curve etc. analysis

QCM twin sensor PSA-SB-3002W 30MHz twin sensor
PSA-SE-3002T 30MHz twin sensor (Dedicated for microfluidic chip)

External Appearance of Product

(1) Analyzer

Overview of analyzer

Auto-loading function

Sample injection

(2) Automatic control programming / Application software

Automatic operation screen

Affinity analysis screen

Calibration line analysis screen

Measurement Example

■Sample conditions

  • Solution sending:0.01M PBS pH7.2
  • Antibody:Anti-CRP 100μg/mL
  • Blocking:0.1% BSA
  • Antigen:CRP 10μg/mL

■Electrode membrane of QCM twin senor

  • Reference electrode 0.1%BSA Blocking
  • Reaction electrode Anti-CRP, 0.1%BSA Blocking

■Measurement conditions

  • 30MHz QCM twin sensor, Flow rate 50μL/min
  • Flow cell volume 50μL
  • Injection volume 100μL

Real time monitoring antigen-antibody reaction

Measurement Result

  • Black:Reference electrode
  • Red:Reaction electrode
  • Blue:Differential value=Reaction electrode reaction-Reference electrode reaction
  • Note:When reaction amount of reference electrode is small, reaction electrode waveform and differential one are seen as piled lines

Frequency Stability

Owing to high sensitivity QCM twin sensor and low phase noise circuit technology, frequency stability in liquid phase is more improved comparing to past ones. Short-term stability of 30MHz QCM twin sensor achieves 0.01×10-6 or less, and high stability and high sensitivity can be achieved.

Stable waveform

Short term frequency stability