Notice on Imitation Products of Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Thank you very much for choosing the products of Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NDK").

1. Current counterfeit situation

  In recent years, we have confirmed that many counterfeit products of our products are being distributed, mainly in Shenzhen, China. These counterfeits have been found outside of NDK's authorized sales channel (NDK sales offices, sales companies, and distributors).

2. Safety

  We have confirmed that the counterfeit products do not meet our quality standards, and the counterfeit products do not only cause a device to fail, but could lead to serious safety problems and inconvenience of our customers' end users.

3. NDK's counterfeit measures

  NDK will take appropriate measures including deleting of counterfeit NDK products found on EC sites, warning against the counterfeiters, sharing the information with administrative offices, and taking criminal actions against the counterfeiters.

4.Advice to customers

 (1) To purchase NDK's genuine products, please make sure that you are purchasing them through NDK's authorized sales channel (NDK's sales offices, sales companies, and distributors).

 (2) We appreciate your understanding that NDK will accept no liability for any defect, damage, or any convenience that may be caused by the counterfeit products.

5. How to detect the counterfeit products

  (1) The counterfeit product is detectable based on its appearance.

          *Left side:NDK products                                                                                         *Right side:Counterfeits

          ①A counterfeit product has a different printing in font and N-logo.


          ②A counterfeit product has a thicker printing in a different font.


          ③A counterfeit product has a printing in ghost images (double printing).


※Counterfeit products have been found in several model names, including NX2520SA, NX3225GD, NX5032GA. NDK has performed an internal analysis for detection of the counterfeit products.

※ In the event that it is doubtful whether the purchased product is a genuine product, please contact our nearest sales office or "contact us" for confirmation.

We look forward to your continued patronage of NDK's products.

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